Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flirt girls?

Some girl i Like Is Comming to braid my hair soon im 19 and shes 20 and i really like her But i Wanna flirt with her At the sametime But im reallllly shy and shes a lil bit shy but not to much tho so when we talk shes always smiling Need hints to know if shes likes me but i wanna show her justttt a lil bitttt that i got something for her but not to much how to know if she like mee without pullin a move on her cuz i really dont wanna do that yett too soon we talk a couple weeks now so if anybody could help me what to say to flirt with her or say somethig to find out if she like me THANKSSFlirt girls?
here fast can you get that hair off my back.Flirt girls?
Sometime during a break in braiding..when that butt gets sore..conversate..if she move toward her about 75-80% for a kiss and see if she comes in for the landing..that way no feelings get hurt if she doesn't but, you'll know whats up if she does.
dude man thats messed up. you like her but you don't want to flirt with her. your stuck. if you don't flirt she will never know that you like her? I would complement her on her hair. That can never ever fail. That is huge to a girl, the hair.
girls are often not into younger guyz
Chicks dig punctuation.
just flirt with her alot tell her shes pretty stuff like that be charming and sweet
say you like her dress, eyes hair colour could be anything. best way 2 start
compliment her - you look nice cute dress ... wanna watch a movie is something she would probably say yes 2 put your arm around her and say i love u GOOD LUCK

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